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Mouse & Mister

If You Could Talk To The Animals

“I always thought that a talking dog would have a deeper voice.”

“He’s not a talking dog.” Harry said, glaring at the talking skull on the shelf. From his spot on the floor Mouse lifted his head and tilted it. “He’s a dog who’s been made human so him talking is perfectly normal.”

“It’s the human part that’s weird, which I’ve always thought.”

“Bob, shut up.”

“Oh, come on boss, this is one of the best things you’ve ever brought home!” The skull chuckled, turning his orange glowing eyes towards Mouse who narrowed his own eyes back at him. He didn’t like the skull very much. It kept picking on Harry and Harry was just trying to help Mouse. “A warlock steals your dog and instead of killing it, they just make it human!”

“They just wanted to leave Harry vulnerable, now I can’t protect him.” Mouse said sullenly. Just like the previous times when he said something, both the skull and Harry paused for a moment. Apparently they still weren’t used to him being able to talk. It wasn’t that unusual to Mouse, he’s always been able to talk. It’s just that now Harry and the skull could hear him.

“Seriously, he needs a deeper voice.”

Harry sighed and dropped his head to the table in frustration. Normally, Mouse would go over and put his chin on Harry’s knee to try and cheer him up, but since he’d become human Harry didn’t seem to like the physical contact. It had been weird enough when Harry had rescued him and in his new human body, Mouse had thrown himself at Harry, looking for reassuring pets. It didn’t happen. Apparently when Mouse was human, it wasn’t okay for people to pet him anymore.

Mouse hated this stupid human body. Stairs were impossible, he had to wear clothes which were itchy and uncomfortable, and no one petted him anymore. He wanted to be back in his body. People liked him when he was in his right body. At least he still had his Senses. He held his hands up, looking them over as they glowed softly. He had to admit, thumbs were pretty cool. He had had a good time picking things up and not having to use his mouth. Of course, all his other senses were dulled. He couldn’t hear so well, and his sense of smell was deplorable. He didn’t understand how Harry had managed for so long with these weak senses.

“Mouse,” Harry said and Mouse looked up towards him immediately. Had he been in his right body, his tail would have been thumping against the stone floor of Harry’s lab. “Can you tell me what happened one more time?”

“Sure Harry.” Mouse said brightly, “The warlock took me while you were dealing with those jinn he’d called up to distract you. He hit me with some sort of stunning spell. When I woke up I was surrounded by all these circles, I couldn’t get out. I tried though, I tried really hard. It was frustrating, but I knew you were coming because you wouldn’t leave me. That’s why you took my fur when I was a puppy.”

“You remember that?” Harry was staring at him, still looking stunned.

“Of course.” Mouse continued in his happy tone, “I remember a lot. The vampire ear tasted horrible. Anyway, so, the warlock put this bag at the top of the circle and he started chatting.” He looked down, the happiness gone. “The dark magic hurt.”

“I’m sorry, Mouse. He blocked my magic with those circles.”

“I know, it’s not your fault. You rescued me.” And to Mouse, that’s all that mattered. Harry had saved him, and that was the important thing. “So, when I woke up, I was like this.” He gestured to his human body. “And then you came with Karrin and Thomas and took me home and brought me here.”

“What do you think, Bob?” Harry looked at the skull who seemed to be thinking.

“Sounds like a classic transfiguration spell. That bag was probably filled with ground up bones of the person he looks like.” The skull hopped on its self to face Mouse more fully, “If we want to change him back, we need to get that bag of bones.”

“The warlock took it.” Mouse offered helpfully.

“Can he hurt Mouse with it?” Harry asked, sounding concerned. Mouse really wished he had his tail to thump. Harry was concerned, it was sweet.

“No, he kept it to keep Mouse like that. You’ll have to find him, boss.”

Harry let out a sigh and stared at the miniature model of Chicago on his desk, “Okay, can we use Mouse’s human hair to track the bones.”

Now the skull thought for a moment, “That might work. Yeah, he is the physical form of those bones, if not the soul and personality. That’s some quick thinking boss.”

“Let’s just hope he’s not shielding himself again.  Okay, Mouse, I need some hair.”

Mouse scrambled to his feet, eager to run over and help. Of course, keeled over immediately, and then got to his feet again, “I’m okay. Two feet is weird.”



LOL That was great!




That was so adorable. XD


Tee hee. He falls over.