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Mar. 26th, 2008

Mouse & Mister

Mister Master


Mister spends most of his time alone, as cats are wont to do. He doesn't mind though. Playing the hero is really more Dresden and Mouse's thing. Mister much prefers to perch himself on a bookshelf and watch the brownies do their work. Or nap in front of the fire. Or sneak into the basement to knock the talking skull around. Or, go out and explore the city. He's never been one to be cooped up for long. He likes to take in the sights and the sounds of the city that makes up his world and he prefers to do it alone.

Some cats are social, Mister is not. Even with other cats he doesn't like to mingle and make friends. Now, the lady cats, that's another issue. He always enjoys the company of a cat in heat, but once the fun is over and he's passed on his marvelous genes, he's off again. Mister would not win any Father of the Year awards, but he's a cat and such things are below him. He tolerates Mouse because he has to. The dog somehow wormed his way into Dresden's heart and is now part of the "family". Mister made sure his dominance was established when the dog was young. There would be no chasing of this Mister, no way. It worked too. Mister is firmly at the head of the household.

He lets Dresden think he's the Master, but that's not true. Mister is his own master and his own he will remain.

Mar. 16th, 2008

Mouse & Mister

Always Have An Escape Plan

Worst Case Scenarios: Trapped in the locked trunk of a car.

Mouse whined in the back of his throat as he woke. He was hurting and hurting bad. Most of the hurt was located in his head, but his shoulder hurt too. He didn’t like hurting. Groggy, he sniffed around him and recognized only a few things. He smelled oil, engine exhaust and leather. Mouse guessed he was in a car, but it wasn’t Harry’s car. That car didn’t smell like this one did. Immediately he opened his eyes and took stock of where he was. It was dark, wherever it was, but concentrating Mouse called on his other Senses.

The space became outlined in fuzzy white lines that glowed softly and Mouse recognized he was in something called a trunk. He’d been in one before when he was a puppy and he’d been stolen along with his brothers and sisters. Back then, the truck had been much bigger. Very carefully he rolled off his side, wary of his aching head and shoulder. His Senses were dulling the pain, but he didn’t want to make things worse than they already were.

Mar. 11th, 2008

Mouse & Mister

Brilliant Plan Napoleon

It was a great plan! The one little thing that went wrong was...

Neither Mouse nor Mister had thumbs which meant they couldn't use the can opener to open the can they had gotten down from the kitchen shelves. It was mostly Mister's plan because he was the one who would have to do the most work. All Mouse had to do was catch the can so that way Harry wouldn’t catch on they were planning on something.  He needed to sleep any way.

Mouse had sat patiently while Mister jumped onto the kitchen counters and made his way to the shelves were the Spaghetti-os were kept. The big tom cat had no trouble opening the cabinet with a paw and then leaping up into the mostly empty shelve to pushed the can out and down to the waiting dog. Mouse had easily leapt up and caught the can in his mouth before it could hit the ground, then set it down by their bowls.

Mister had lazily jumped out of the cabinet, closed it and then leapt down to floor. Now both pets were gathered around their bowls, staring at the can and thinking. Mister knew they couldn’t use the tool Dresden used. Mouse wondered if he could just bite it open. The metal hadn’t seemed that thick when he caught it. Mister shot him a look that told him it would be a bad idea. Mouse, who always deferred to Mister in these matters, went back to waiting patiently for the cat to come up with an idea.

The next morning, both pets looked expectantly up at Harry while he stared down at them and the can of food lined up neatly with the can opener.

Mar. 5th, 2008

Mouse & Mister

The Dangers of Being a Wizard's Pet

Stranger danger.

Mouse and Mister have learned one very important lesson from living with Harry Dresden, is that strangers who show up unexpectedly should not be trusted.

Mister learned this first, since he's lived with Dresden the longest and like all things, the cat is resigned to the fact that he's going to have to act as Dresden's protector. Really, the cat is quite amazed sometimes that out of all the people he asked to take him in, Dresden was the one he chose to stay with. He usually has to go out to get food for himself, or take it from Mouse. Mister thinks that's a ridiculous name for a dog, especially a partial Foo dog. Of course, Dresden had named him Mister, so Mouse wasn’t the worst the dog could have gotten. Still, life with Dresden is a dangerous life and yet, Mister stays around. He's sure that without him, Dresden would end up dead and so would Mouse and then who would give him a home? It's simple logic to Mister.

Mouse, though he knows he’s smarter than other dogs, doesn’t care much about logic. He likes being Mouse and likes living with Harry. With Harry, he gets to do the good things he feels compelled to do and protect people. Mouse has always known he was meant to protect people. Living with Harry, he gets to do that and mostly he gets to protect Harry. Harry meets a lot of dangerous things and people. For some reason that Mouse doesn't think too hard about, Harry attracts danger like a sun beam will attract Mister. Harry’s a lot like Mouse though, Harry protects and helps people even when it’s dangerous. Mister, who is arguably smarter than Mouse, doesn’t seem to get the importance of that, but that doesn’t bother Mouse. Mister’s the voice of reason to their little pack. Mouse gets to be the hero. No one has ever called him a bad dog, at least no one important. Mouse stops bad things and people and gets a nice place to live and a nice Harry to take care of him. The occasional dangerous element doesn't trouble him at all.

The two pets are fully aware of the dangers that come from living with Harry Dresden, but they love him any way. Mister will never admit it though.

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