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Mouse The Face

Thank You Fic for notevendarkyet

There were only a few things Mouse looked forward to more than a visit from Karrin. Burger King happened to be one of them, but Harry hadn’t been working much lately and all his Warden money was going to that silver city in the basement so there wasn’t going to be Burger King for awhile. So, Karrin visits were at the top of his list right now and one was going to happen today.

Mouse couldn’t explain how he knew, he just did. It was one of those feelings he got, an instinct. After his morning walk, Mouse laid down in front of the fireplace, his head on his paws, watching the door. It took a few hours and he did end up falling asleep, but when his ears picked up the sound of Karrin’s car and her scent, he scrambled up onto his feet and went to wait in front of the door.

“Hey Harry, I’ve got…”

The moment she stepped through the door, Mouse scooted right up to her legs, staring up at her with wide adoring eyes. He didn’t lean into her, he wouldn’t do that without warning someone first, but he really hoped he could.

“Hi Mouse.” Karrin started scratching his favorite spot behind his ear immediately causing his tail to thump against the floor as slowly leaned into her legs. Karrin visits were the best.


I think you made my day. After I got dumped a load of work to do on top of NaNo. <333

Also? Mouse probably weighs about twice as much as Karrin, doesn't he.
People were being so nice, I feel like I should return the favor with fic.

Yes, he probably does.
I'm so not complaining. *curls up with Mouse, because he makes bad things go away*