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Mouse & Mister

Mun Post: State of the Mun Address

So, here’s my first official State of the Mun Address. It’s about time I got around to doing one of these.

My Junior year of college has come to a close. I finished my last final today and after I pack everything up I’ll be moving back home. This really doesn’t change much. I have internet access at home, so I’ll still be around. For now, I don’t have any major summer plans. I’m waiting to hear about an internship with a police department and until I hear from them, I can’t make any other summer plans. The only thing that is on my calendar right now is the Team American Rocket Competition, or TARC. I’ll be bringing my laptop with me and the hotel should have internet access. I’ll mostly check in during the mornings and the evenings. I won’t vanish, but I won’t be around constantly like I normally am.

Now, if I get this internship things will be a little more complicated. I will spend most of my days at the police station, helping out various departments. I also have to keep a journal of my day to day activities and write a paper on it. I will be very busy, in other words. I’ll be able to check in every morning and will most likely reply to things in the evening. Like I said, I will not be dropping off the face of the Earth, but I will be busy. I may also be doing some things with a local horse farm in what spare time I have and that will take up more time but I have to talk to the barn manager about that. If I don’t get this internship, I will have to look for a job and who knows what that’ll do to my schedule. I usually take farm jobs and work outdoors instead of the standard 9 to 5 retail jobs. That means my schedule works with the weather, but basically the point I’m trying to make is I will mostly reply to things in the morning and in the evenings.

Now, for what I plan to do with my muse here:

I have no plans for Mouse and Mister. They are hanging out, being their awesome furry selves and keeping Harry sane. If anyone would like to RP with either the best dog ever or the awesomest cat ever, drop me a line.