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Jul. 15th, 2010

Mouse & Mister

OOC: The Purge

I am updating this journal to save it from the LiveJournal purge. I very much want to save my writing.

Nov. 3rd, 2009

Mouse The Face

Thank You Fic for notevendarkyet

There were only a few things Mouse looked forward to more than a visit from Karrin. Burger King happened to be one of them, but Harry hadn’t been working much lately and all his Warden money was going to that silver city in the basement so there wasn’t going to be Burger King for awhile. So, Karrin visits were at the top of his list right now and one was going to happen today.

Mouse couldn’t explain how he knew, he just did. It was one of those feelings he got, an instinct. After his morning walk, Mouse laid down in front of the fireplace, his head on his paws, watching the door. It took a few hours and he did end up falling asleep, but when his ears picked up the sound of Karrin’s car and her scent, he scrambled up onto his feet and went to wait in front of the door.

“Hey Harry, I’ve got…”

The moment she stepped through the door, Mouse scooted right up to her legs, staring up at her with wide adoring eyes. He didn’t lean into her, he wouldn’t do that without warning someone first, but he really hoped he could.

“Hi Mouse.” Karrin started scratching his favorite spot behind his ear immediately causing his tail to thump against the floor as slowly leaned into her legs. Karrin visits were the best.

May. 21st, 2008

Mouse & Mister

The Big Show: Taking Care of Business

Choose one person in your life, that you personally know, and spend an entire day catering to their every little whim and wish.

Mouse whined slightly, resting his chin on the edge of Harry’s bed. His master looked miserable and Mouse could tell he was suffering. The dog wasn’t sure what he could do though. He couldn’t use the phone to call Molly, Karrin or Thomas to come help. Mister was staying away from Harry after he got sneezed on. Mouse thought there were worst things to be covered in than snot, which was not Harry’s fault. Apparently, the cat didn’t agree. He was shunning Harry for the insult, leaving Mouse on his own to tend to his sick master.

He whined again and scooted closer to Harry, who had peeked his head out from underneath the covers. “Mouse,” he croaked, “Go get my gun. I’m dying any way.”

There was no way Mouse was going to do that. Harry might really be suffering, but Mouse could tell he wasn’t dying. His master did like theatrics though. Mouse shook his head and Harry groaned.

“Come on, Mouse, please? If I’m going to go, I’m going to go on my terms.”

Mouse rolled his eyes at that and leaned forward to lick Harry’s forehead. It wasn’t just a gesture of reassurance and love, but also an easy way for the dog to see how hot his master’s temperature was. Mouse didn’t understand why that was important or how he knew that, he just did it. Harry was very hot, which Mouse knew was not good. He drew back to think for a moment, then trotted off.

“Good dog!” Harry called hoarsely after him, “It’s in the left front pocket of my duster!”

Mouse wasn’t getting the gun. He wished Harry would understand that. Instead he trotted to the kitchen and grabbed a dish towel off the counter. It took a little maneuvering on his part, but he managed to get it into the sink and then pawed at the cold water tap until it turned on. He dropped down to the floor while the towel soaked up the water, tail thumping happily against the floor. Mouse never felt better than when he was helping Harry in some way. After a few moments, Mouse jumped up again and pawed the tap off. It was hard to get the towel of the sink, but he managed.

Pleased with himself, Mouse trotted back to the bedroom, leaving a trail of water in his wake. By the time he got back to Harry’s bedside, the front of his chest was soaking wet.

“Did you bring the gun?” Harry asked, poking his head out again. Mister put his front paws on the bed and dropped the wet, cold down on Harry’s face. Harry yelped and yanked the towel away. Mouse sat back, whining in confusion. “Mouse, what?” Harry paused, “You brought me… how did you… you know what, never mind. Good dog.”

Mouse grinned at that and watched Harry fold the towel and place it on his forehead. He reached a hand out and Mouse shoved his head under it for an ear scratch. “Good dog.”

May. 18th, 2008

Mouse & Mister

Mun Post: Returned!

So, I'm back from vacation. That's all.

If you need me or my muse for anything, just let me know.

May. 15th, 2008

Mouse & Mister

Mun Note: Vacation Time!

Well, this weekend I'll be taking off for Virginia for the Team America Rocket Competition. I'll be leaving early tomorrow morning and be back Sunday night some time. I'm unsure of the internet situation so I could be completely gone or I could be around in the morning and the evenings. I'm not sure. Best to just count me out for awhile. When I get back, I'll play catch up.

May. 2nd, 2008

Mouse & Mister

Mun Post: State of the Mun Address

So, here’s my first official State of the Mun Address. It’s about time I got around to doing one of these.

My Junior year of college has come to a close. I finished my last final today and after I pack everything up I’ll be moving back home. This really doesn’t change much. I have internet access at home, so I’ll still be around. For now, I don’t have any major summer plans. I’m waiting to hear about an internship with a police department and until I hear from them, I can’t make any other summer plans. The only thing that is on my calendar right now is the Team American Rocket Competition, or TARC. I’ll be bringing my laptop with me and the hotel should have internet access. I’ll mostly check in during the mornings and the evenings. I won’t vanish, but I won’t be around constantly like I normally am.

Now, if I get this internship things will be a little more complicated. I will spend most of my days at the police station, helping out various departments. I also have to keep a journal of my day to day activities and write a paper on it. I will be very busy, in other words. I’ll be able to check in every morning and will most likely reply to things in the evening. Like I said, I will not be dropping off the face of the Earth, but I will be busy. I may also be doing some things with a local horse farm in what spare time I have and that will take up more time but I have to talk to the barn manager about that. If I don’t get this internship, I will have to look for a job and who knows what that’ll do to my schedule. I usually take farm jobs and work outdoors instead of the standard 9 to 5 retail jobs. That means my schedule works with the weather, but basically the point I’m trying to make is I will mostly reply to things in the morning and in the evenings.

Now, for what I plan to do with my muse here:

I have no plans for Mouse and Mister. They are hanging out, being their awesome furry selves and keeping Harry sane. If anyone would like to RP with either the best dog ever or the awesomest cat ever, drop me a line.

Apr. 25th, 2008

Mouse & Mister

Mun Prompt: BFFs

If your muse lived next door to you, would you be friends with them?

You bet! I'd offer to pet sit all the time. Harry would get sick of me hanging around and asking about how the pets are doing.

I am a big dog person, so I'd want to spend more time with Mouse than Mister. Mouse is so nice and smart that of course, I'd be friends with him. How can you resist the face? He's too cute! And he's a very gentle dog. Big dogs can be intimidating to a lot of people, but Mouse always makes sure he looks nice and friendly and he only barks when there's danger. He'd never growl at me unless I was evil. Luckily for me, I'm not evil.

Mister is a little trickier. I'm not a big fan of cats. That whole aloof nature thing, yeah, that's not my style. I don't hate cats, or dislike them, it's just that dogs are better. I'd still like to be friends with Mister. He might sense I'm not a cat person though and leave me alone. Or pick on me, because that's what cats do to people who don't like cats. I'd kinda be worried he'd beat up my dog, who's small. She's a tough little dog, takes on my bigger dog all the time, but with Mister, she'd get more than she bargained for. I'd befriend Mister to keep my dog from getting eaten and because he's a good cat.

Yes, I would befriend my muses here. How can anyone not?

Apr. 19th, 2008

Mouse & Mister

Man's Best Friend

“Not if you were the last man on Earth!”

Mouse winced as the woman slapped Harry hard enough to send him stumbling a few steps. He only vaguely understood what was going on. Harry was trying to find a virgin to use in tempting a demon. His apparent method of finding this information out was really bad. This was the fifth woman to slap Harry in the past hour. Mouse wasn’t sure there was anything he could do to stop it either.

Harry sat back down on the park bench, rubbing at his cheek. “Why couldn’t one of your powers been the ability to smell virgins? And why did Molly have to go on a family vacation this week? And why did that woman have to hit me so hard?” Harry grumbled to himself.

Mouse put his head on his knee and looked apologetically up at him. Harry sighed and ruffled his ears, “It’s not your fault, boy. Apparently, Chicago is virgin-less.”

Mouse thumped his tail against the sidewalk, trying to cheer Harry up by just looking happy. Sometimes he could snap Harry out of dark moods just by looking happy. It didn’t seem to work today. Harry continued to stare out over the park with a frown on his face.

“I have to wait until it’s dark out before I can use Bob.” Harry muttered, “I don’t want to use Bob though. He’ll get me maced or shot or something.”

Mouse had to agree. He heard what Bob said about women and no matter how much bumbling Harry did about this, Bob’s downright lewd language would certainly get Harry in more trouble. He really wished he could help, but sometimes being man’s best friend just wasn’t enough in the face of a virgin-less city.

Apr. 15th, 2008

Mouse & Mister

You're Trouble, Mister

Caught red handed

While, in general, the pets are well behaved every now and then they do get into trouble. Mouse was the worst offender, especially as a puppy. He was curious, intelligent and easily goaded into action with a little "gentle" prompting from Mister. Of course, Mister made sure he was long gone when Harry came around and discovered what the puppy had done. The cat didn't want to get into trouble, but he had no problem getting others into trouble. His usual target was Mouse, as the dog had come in from no where to take over what was rightfully Mister's home.

See, Mister had lived with Dresden the longest, because of that the apartment was Mister's. One day, out of no where, this puppy showed up. Dresden had said the puppy wasn't stay so Mister tolerated the little annoyance because he believed Dresden. That was his first mistake and Mister hated making mistakes. He should have known that Dresden could not resist anything small and in danger. The puppy had ended up staying, much to Mister's outrage. He spent the appropriate amount of time seething and ignoring Dresden all the while plotting how he was going to remain the cat of the walk. His brilliant plan was to get the puppy into trouble.

For such an obviously intelligent animal, it was troubling how easily Mister could get Mouse into trouble. The cat expected that Mouse would be too intelligent to fall for such obvious tricks and games. It just went to show that even above average dogs were no where near as intelligent as cats. Of course, the one problem was Mouse would give Dresden this look and all would be forgiven. Mister was disgusted. Had he been caught, he was sure Dresden would have at least taken away his Coke-a-Cola supply for awhile. Nothing happened to Mouse except a stern talking to.

As the dog got older, Mouse moved on to more interesting targets for his mischief. His favorite? The talking skull in the basement. There were so many little things the cat could do that would get the annoying object in trouble and it was much harder to come up with something believable. After all, the skull didn't have paws or a body to do things with. Mister had to use all his cat intelligence, much more than the dog's, to frame the skull. Best of all, he still hadn't gotten caught.

Apr. 3rd, 2008

Mouse & Mister

If You Could Talk To The Animals

“I always thought that a talking dog would have a deeper voice.”

“He’s not a talking dog.” Harry said, glaring at the talking skull on the shelf. From his spot on the floor Mouse lifted his head and tilted it. “He’s a dog who’s been made human so him talking is perfectly normal.”

“It’s the human part that’s weird, which I’ve always thought.”

“Bob, shut up.”

“Oh, come on boss, this is one of the best things you’ve ever brought home!” The skull chuckled, turning his orange glowing eyes towards Mouse who narrowed his own eyes back at him. He didn’t like the skull very much. It kept picking on Harry and Harry was just trying to help Mouse. “A warlock steals your dog and instead of killing it, they just make it human!”

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